Keep Your Payroll Organized and Your Employees Happy

Keep Your Payroll Organized and Your Employees Happy

Learn about our payroll services in Spokane Valley, WA

Managing your payroll takes more work than you might realize. Your payroll work isn’t done after you hand out your checks—in fact, that’s just the beginning. Lighthouse Bookkeeping & Tax Service understands the complexities of payroll. We offer comprehensive payroll services in the Spokane Valley, WA area. We’ll keep accurate records and reports of your payroll, and we’ll come up with solutions to any discrepancies we run into along the way.

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Choose from any of our 3 payroll solutions

By selecting one of our payroll solutions, you’ll avoid penalties from calculation errors. As your efficiency increases, you’ll also save time. We offer the following three payroll options:

  1. Comprehensive payroll processing— we’ll manage all secure check processing and direct deposits.
  2. After-the-fact payroll recording—after you process the payments, we’ll post your payroll records into our data system and keep track of them.
  3. Online payroll processing—you’ll get access to our payroll system, so you can enter employee hours and earnings yourself. After you’re done, we take care of your direct deposits.

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